New Cake Pop Business Thriving in Albemarle County

ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) – A new cake pop business in Albemarle County is ending its first summer on a sweet note.

The CEO might surprise you by both her age and her knowledge.

NBC29 caught up with 12-year-old Ally Miller who just launched a cake pop business.

In her first four months, the CEO who also happens to be the head chef, sold about 1,500 hundred pops. Each cake pop costs $2 to $3 depending on the design.

Perk Up at Piedmont Virginia Community College is one of two coffee shops selling Pop Art by Ally, but the CEO and founder is far from college bound.

“People are really surprised because I’m so young,” said Miller.

To make a pop, you bake a cake, and then roll it up into a ball on a stick. After that, one by one, you dip them into candy melt.

Miller launched pop art 4 months ago, but it didn’t take her long to master the technique.

Ally’s dad Scott Miller says she has always had a passion for baking.

“That passion sort of got out of hand at one point, and before you knew it we were in business,” said Scott Miller.

From start to finish, a batch of 40 cake pops takes about 5 hours. Because they are such a specialized product, they are getting shipment requests from all over the country, including Florida, New York and Boston.

“it started out with family friends and then when we made the website, people started seeing it that we didn’t know,” said Ally Miller.

People started requesting everything from Pokémon balls, to puppies, to apples and to beer mugs.

But the middle schooler has about nine years left before she can consume any beer that isn’t in the form of cake pops.

Her favorite custom design is frogs.

Ally does have homework to do now that school started, but she says she will be making and selling the custom cake pops year round.

 article written by NBC29